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Find here all the frequently asked questions about KastingKafé.

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Talent questions


A good profile is one that looks like you. 

Assume that recruiters want to know as much as possible about you and your experiences to make sure that you are the profile they are looking for. 

To achieve this, here are the rules to follow:


1. Fill in all your information 

By giving as much details about yourself as possible, you will generate more interest from recruiters.


2. Your profile picture

The profile picture is the first impression you make on the platform. 

A good picture is : 

  • An individual portrait photo (your face)
  • A recent picture 
  • A natural make-up, without artifice 
  • A clear face, your eyes should be visible...
  • In front of a neutral background 
  • No selfie, no sunglasses, no hat, no holiday photo 
  • A professional quality photo (neither blurred nor pixelated)

Think of your photo as an investment for your career. 

If you are a photographer, the profile picture is an opportunity to show your work. Show one of your achievements.


3. Your book 

To build your professional book : 

  • Upload at least 5 pictures. The more pictures you upload, the more chances you have of being selected by a recruiter. 
  • Choose only the best professional pictures..  
  • Be objective, examine the context of the picture. Does it make a good impression? Is it suitable for a professional casting platform?  
  • Diversify your shots. Different environments and looks, hairstyles, make-up, etc. 
  • Do not upload holiday photos or screenshots from your phone or tablet - they will be rejected.
  • You must be the center of attention.  
  • Pictures must not have borders.. 
  • If you are a young talent, make sure your image is up to date. 

4. Video and audio files

For audiovisual professions (videographer, voice-over...), include your audio and video files in the "Videos & Sounds" section of your profile.

At KastingKafé, our priority is the quality, not the quantity and each profile is validated by a member of our team. 

Make sure you respect the rules of the quality statement (lien page charte de qualité).
Validation can take up to 24 hours.  

If your profile has not been accepted, we will clearly explain the reasons and the changes to be made.  
A non-compliant profile picture? A lack of information on your profile? 
You have the opportunity to modify your profile in order to be validated by our team.  

Yes, as soon as you register you have the choice between 3 subscriptions according to your needs.

Have a complete profile.

Recruiters use the search engine or matching tool to select candidates using the selection criteria. The more complete your profile is, the better your chances of being spotted by a recruiter! 

Note that castings are sometimes only posted when the recruiter does not find the ideal profile. This means that even if you don't see any castings posted, by being registered on the platform your profile is constantly online and can be consulted by recruiters. 


The castings  

Three ways to participate in a casting:

  • You have completed your profile and it matches with a casting, you will be directly informed by email of the availability of the casting.  
  • A recruiter has spotted your profile and invites you to participate in one of his castings.
  • The search engine allows you to directly section off the castings that interest you and you can apply.   

Participate in a casting

If you are selected for casting, you will be contacted directly by the recruiter. Otherwise, you will be informed that you have not been selected. Please be aware that sometimes you have to be patient before you finally receive a positive answer!  



You decide the contractual terms directly with the recruiter, KastingKafé does not take any commission on the work of the members.


Service offers   

Thanks to a service offer advertisement, highlight your skills and expertise.   

Offer your services to other members.

Simple and practical, this approach saves time. It is also an opportunity to create a community around the same project.  



Recruiters' Questions 


You manage 


1. The database / search engine 

Our mission is to develop a qualitative database of verified profiles and to facilitate interactions between our members.

By logging in to your account, you will have access to the database. Our search engine offers you up to 125 selection criteria. To contact other members, you must have an active account and have credits. 


2. Matching Tool  

When you publish a casting, our matching tool puts you directly in touch with the members you are looking for. Fill in the details of your casting to make sure that our platform can offer you a maximum number of candidates who match your criteria.  


3. Compensation  

You decide and manage the contractual terms of the employment relationship. KastingKafé provides you with standard employment contracts.  


We manage  

You don't have the time or resources to manage your recruitments yourself? We accompany you and/or supervise the different stages of your project by adapting to your objectives, your values, your ideas and your budget. 


We manage the contractual aspect of the working relationship.  

We provide no-show insurance in case of unforeseen events.  

We do not take any commission on the work of the members.
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1. Login to your account 

2. Go to My KastingKafé, under "My Casting".  

3. Create your casting. It can be "private", limited to a selection of KastingKafé members or "public", visible to all. The more precise you are in your offer, the more likely you are to find the one you are looking for. 

Matching tab  

  • Once you have completed the selection criteria for your casting, the platform offers you a list of candidates.
  • You can select them and send them an invitation.    
  • All you have to do now is wait for the candidates to reply. 

Participation tab

  • Applications received: candidates who applied to your casting
  • Invitations sent: candidates you have invited to your casting and you are waiting for a response. 
  • Confirmed participations: people pre-selected for the casting.  You can find the candidates who have responded positively to your invitation and the confirmed candidates in "Candidatures received". 
  • As the applications come in, click on the form of each confirmed candidate to send them the practical details.  

1. Go to My KastingKafé, in My Created Casting.

2. Select the casting

3. Click on "Close Casting"  

4. Make the final selection of candidates, you have the choice to include or exclude them  

5. To send a group message to all applicants in each category (included or excluded), select the applicants and click Notify. Send the practical information to the selected candidates 

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