About us

Our vision

  • We are convinced that by being free, one can leave all the room for one's creativity.
  • We know that your values inspire you, that they allow you to be the most performing.
  • We believe that it is from diversity that the most beautiful projects are born.

That's why we created KastingKafé: a place to meet and share.


Our Mission

  • We want to enable creative people and freelance artists to work for companies that inspire and motivate them through the values they share.
  • We want to be a key resource and a launching pad for these freelance artists.
    We want to help them find high quality jobs by enabling them to customize and manage their careers. Every day, new jobs or punctual missions are available. 

  • Finding the right casting is key to the success of your projects.
    With more than 10,000 members validated by our teams, find the personalities who have the same values as you, long live diversity!

  • We make every effort to meet the growing need for meaning and professional fulfilment. We have created this digital platform to allow talents and recruiters to meet and work together easily. The members decide among themselves on the contractual working conditions so that each party gets a fair remuneration. KastingKafé does not take any commission on services but relies on its members to contribute, each in their own way and at the time they decide, to the viability of the platform.

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