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<p>Can anyone become a model ?</p>

Can anyone become a model ?

Good news! No matter what your size, weight, hair colour, skin colour, measurements or age, anyone can become a model. Even tattoos are no obstacle to a fantastic career as a catwalk pro! Here's a list of... Read more

<p>6 tips to manage stress before a casting</p>

6 tips to manage stress before a casting

Just managed to land a casting? Whether it's your first or your hundredth, you'll naturally feel a bit stressed come D day. Here are our tips and tricks to keep things under control.


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<p><span>Herv&eacute; Lacroix (voice-over actor): &quot;A breath alone can move people or make them laugh&quot;</span></p>

Hervé Lacroix (voice-over actor): "A breath alone can move people or make them laugh"

Hervé Lacroix has been a professional voice-over actor for more than seven years. During his career, he has narrated Reines du shopping and season 4 of Masterchef. He has also voiced trailers for National Geographic Channel and several documentaries for France... Read more

<p>What should you wear to a casting ?</p>

What should you wear to a casting ?

Never forget that the clothes and make-up you wear reflect your personality. Just by observing your style, the person doing the hiring will be able to get an idea (maybe the wrong one) of the person you are. As your choice of clothes is important, here are some tips:

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<p>Models and tattoos: a good pairing?</p>

Models and tattoos: a good pairing?

The days of models not being allowed to add a touch of originality during their shows are now well and truly over. For a number of years, we've been witnessing a bit of madness on the catwalks. Tattoos have actually gained increasing popularity among those top models wanting to stand out... Read more

<p>The 6 beauty YouTubers to follow</p>

The 6 beauty YouTubers to follow

Nowadays, lots of girls have thrown themselves into making YouTube videos which give advice on make-up, fashion, cooking, lifestyle etc. With the explosion of different channels in the genre, we've selected six girls that you definitely need to follow.

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